ReScience X is an open access, peer-reviewed, academic journal for the dissemination of replicated experimental research. Our aim is to improve the way we do science together, by encouraging the replication of already published research, promoting open research practices, and fostering dialogue between researchers.

ReScience X is a sister project of ReScience C, a peer-reviewed outlet for replicated computational research. Whilst the original ReScience journal focuses on computational research, ReScience X focuses on experimental work, across disciplinary fields. ReScience X fills a particular gap in academic scholarship and academic publishing, in response to several issues that grew bigger over the years, and which we believe now hinder our capacity to advance science. ReScience X is maintained by researchers on a voluntary basis. Our ambition is to enable an open and supportive space of discussion for experimental science. We promote open data, open code, open access, and open peer-review.


Etienne B. Roesch & Nicolas P. Rougier

Vol 1 No 1 (2022)

Published: 2022-04-09

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